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The society is for anyone interested in geology, 
whether beginners or experienced.

This is our 41st year!

We hold monthly talks on a wide range of earth science topics. We have several day and weekend field trips a year and sometimes a longer foreign excursion.  In August we have an annual 'Members' Evening' when slides and specimens collected during the year are shown.

Visitors are always welcome (small fee).

Next meeting : 

Thursday 12 February 2015,  7:30pm

Dr Rob Sage  (Affinity Water)
"Bromate and other challenges to water supplies 
from the Chalk of Hertfordshire"

Next field trip:
Saturday 14 March 2015
Monken Hadley Church and the geology around Water End (Potters Bar)
Leader: Mike Howgate

Members are also welcome on field trips of the East Herts Geology Club.
See the EHGC web site for details.

Sad news
We have just heard that long-time member Mike Rainbow died on 10th January.
The funeral and wake will be held on Tuesday 27th January at Luton.
Please click here to request further details.

Membership fees for 2015 are now due.  
You can pay at the February meeting, or send a cheque.  
Payment details are in the downloadable application form 
available on the 'Contacts' page.

Panshanger Country Park 

This used to be a gravel pit, but is now being turned into a country park.
Phase 1 opened to the public in 2014. It is a very interesting place to visit 
not only for geology enthusiasts but also for  anyone who wants to visit 
a lovely outdoors environment free of charge.

For geologists, have a look at the links below before you go along.  
The first poster explains how the deposits came to be there and how 
the Proto-Thames formed the geomorphology of the local area.  

The second poster is about the history of the chalk deposits in the area.  
It was designed to be placed in front of the chalk pit near one of the lakes.
Chalk extracted from Panshanger was used with gravel for surfacing
paths on the estate around 1880.


Panshanger Geology 1
click here for pdf version

Panshanger Geology 2 
click here for pdf version


"Hertfordshire Geology and Landscape" 
Click here for more details of the book and how to 
obtain a copy.

Introduction to the Geology Of Hertfordshire

For lots of interesting information on Hertfordshire Puddingstone, 
visit the EHGC puddingstone page