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The society is for anyone interested in geology, 
whether beginners or experienced.

This is our 40th year!

We hold monthly talks on a wide range of earth science topics. We have several day and weekend field trips a year and usually a longer foreign excursion.  In August we have an annual 'soiree' when slides and specimens collected during the year are shown.

Visitors are always welcome (small fee).

Next meeting:  

Thursday 8th May 2014,  7:30pm
Dr Simon Kelly 
(Curator, Cambridge Arctic Shelf Programme - CASP) 
"From polar bears to deep-sea seeps: 
a palaeontologist's view of Greenland"

Next field trips:

16th - 18th May 
GA/Geological Society: field trips associated with  Puddingstone Weekend conference.  See below.

Sunday 25th May
There is a further AGS (Amateur Geological Society) field trip to the Roman Watling Street area around St Albans. Please email for details.

Members are also welcome on field trips of the East Herts Geology Club.
See the EHGC web site for details.

Puddingstone Weekend 16-18 May 2014.  
(Geological Society and Geologists Association)

Conference (Speakers including Brian Lovell, Jenny Huggett) and field trips to Hertfordshire & France. 
Book via Geological Society of London.

Click here for poster giving more details (pdf).



"Hertfordshire Geology and Landscape" 

We are delighted that the first printing sold out, but more copies are now available.

Click here for more details of the book and how to 
obtain a copy.

Introduction to the Geology Of Hertfordshire

For lots of interesting information on Hertfordshire Puddingstone, 
visit the EHGC puddingstone page