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Here are some photos from past field trips. 
For a more detailed description of the trips and the geology we saw, download the corresponding newsletter.
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Geo-conservation: work parties in 2019

Little Heath - annual clean-up
(before and after)
[Photo: Lesley Exton]

Hitch Wood Chalk Pit, Hill End
Sorting out the face after long neglect.
Compare it with the 2018 image below!
[Photo: Lesley Exton]

Peterborough brick pits - June 2019

Glacial erratic from 
Bradley Fen quarry
[Photo: Mervyn Jones]

Kings Dyke brickworks
[Photo: Lesley Exton]

Fossil bed in the Oxford Clay
[Photo: Lesley Exton]

Derbyshire weekend - September 2020

Apes Tor quarry
[Photo: Lesley Exton]

Basalt with columnar jointing
[Photo: Lesley Exton]

Dirtlow Rake
[Photo: Lesley Exton]

The Roaches

Mow Cop Castle: faulting and folding
[Photo: Lesley Exton]

Geological gallery at Biddulph Grange
[Photo: Lesley Exton]

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Lapworth Museum - March 2018

Dudley Bug holotype
[Photo: Lesley Exton]

Thomas Sopwith 3D Wooden Models
[Courtesy Lapworth Museum Website]

Banner of a Labyrinthodont
[Photo: Nick Pierpoint]

Walton on the Naze - July 2018

Tooth of Miocene shark
Carcharodon Megalodon
[Photo: Gerald Lucy

Neptunia Contraria (L) and modern whelk
[Photo: Gerald Lucy]

Naze cliffs
[Photo: Nick Pierpoint]

West of Ireland - September 2018
[Photos: Lesley Exton]

Silica-rich volcaniclastic deposits 
of the Finny Formation

Derryveen Formation: a unit of congromerates and sandstones

Elongated pillows in Bohaun Volcanics

Syringipora corals in tabular limestones of Downpatrick formation

Gilgae structures in 
Downpatrick  Formation

Dun Briste Stack,
off Downpatrick Head

Wave action and trace fossils:
Kilcummin Head

Drowned drumlin field, 
Clew Bay

Hertfordshire RIGS Group
Work in progress

Overgrown face at Hill End chalk pit

[Photo: Haydon Bailey]
Barkway Pit chalk rafts -
the exposure as it used to be.
[Photo:from "Hertfordshire Geology 
and Landscape" ]

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Working Party at Little Heath, Potten End - March 2017
[Photos: Nick Pierpoint]

10am - before the start

1pm - work completed

Misbourne Valley - following HS2 route - April 2017

Shardeloes Lake
[Photo: Lesley Exton]

Upware and Wicken,Cambridgeshire - May 2017

Extracting Cardioceras from Upware limsetone
[Photo: Clive Maton]

Isle of Sheppey - Eocene fossils in the London Clay - June 2017

London Clay sharks' teeth
[Photo: Thomas Fogerty]


The Geology of Martley Geovillage & the Malverns, Worcestershire - September 2017

Intrusion on Worcestershire Beacon
[Photo: Lesley Exton]