Hertfordshire Geological Sites

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A number of sites in Hertfordshire are officially designated as important for their geology or geomorphology.  Several terms are in use, including RIGS (Regionally Important Geological Site), LGS (Local Geological Site) and Geological SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest).  

Hertfordshire County Council's document "A Geological Conservation Strategy for Hertfordshire" (2003) gives a description of the sites and the council's policy for their protection.  Click here to download a copy.  The map below shows an updated list of sites (2016) - click here for a high-resolution version of the map or a table of locations and brief details.

The Hertfordshire RIGS Group, a section of the HGS, is responsible for monitoring the local RIGSs (also known as LGSs).   Not all are accessible to the public.  Background information about the RIGS organisation can be found in www.geoconservationuk.org.uk.

For general information on SSSI designation, see for instance https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Site_of_Special_Scientific_Interest.   Details of all Hertfordshire SSSIs (both biological and geological, with detailed maps) can be viewed in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Sites_of_Special_Scientific_Interest_in_Hertfordshire.